Sunday, May 1, 2011

Work in Progress + Adele Jam Session

As per usual, I'm updating my blog after 2am.
Funny how we just stay in patterns (read: bad habits).

I realize I haven't made much work lately... because I'm a bum. Not really, I've been working. Working for Cirque du Soleil was awesome every single day, and I'm going to miss it terribly; but I am so excited to tackle all the projects that are waiting for this week!

It feels so good to paint again. I literally just went through the worst art-block I've ever experienced. Thank God it's mostly over. Either it just goes away, or I kick it in the butt until it scampers away with its tail between its legs!

Here, have a work in progress. If you want a headshot like this, they're $35 and I will bust you out something full of kick-assery ;) This one is for an extremely kind and darling lady, who has supported me in my Etsy Shop, and then was kind enough to request art of her avatar. Seriously, sometimes the commissioners I work with make it such an enjoyable experience for me. It's super-appreciated, if any of you reading this are clients. ;) ;) ;)

Art/Work in Progress (c) Erin McManness / Miri-love 2011

Also, I pretty much listened to new Adele during the entire 4 hours I worked on this. I highly recommend "Turning Tables" (which is still sung best by Adele, even though Miss Paltrow took a fair shot at it on Glee) and "Set Fire to the Rain":


  1. Beautiful work so far on the portrait. She has lovely eyes. I've loved Adele for a while and I am so happy with her new album which I think is better than the first. :)

  2. Beautiful eyes! I love Adele's Rolling in the Deep. Her voice is just beautiful!

  3. JJacks - Thank you so much! The eyes are my favourite part, and I feel like it always shows hahah. Yea, the new album is just lovely <3

    Jia - Heyyy! Thank you so much! Yea, Rolling in the Deep is still one of my absolute favs! And I feel like she has a very distinctive voice. It's so refreshing compared to the same kinds of songs all the time on pop stations...


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