Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today I amassed an ARMY.

I stand here before you now as a woman with the regal command of an army of little sweet-themed clay charms! Okay, my goal today was to work on a consignment order, and to start to mass up my stock for Otakon.

I was aiming for at least 75 pieces before "bedtime"
(aka, whenever my face drops into my tea), and I got to.............. 67.

Okay, not quite there. If I was counting a little more closely, I would've just made the last 8 just to hit the mark. But I basically just went "Ehhhhhh that looks like 75!" and plunked them into the oven. I'm super-scientific and accurate like that with my charm-making strategies.

My favourite kind of charm to make is the cake slice. Why? Because you make it just like you would a normal cake. You make the cake layers, the middle layer of frosting, the top frosting, and then wind some frosting around the sides. Throw them in the fridge for 10 minutes, and then take your tissue blade, and voila! 6 charms in one go! Thank you ma'am!

Today I made a toooon of chocolates and donuts (and some little adorable blocks of tiramisu!), and I also made Red Velvet Cake, Pink Princess Cake, Chocolate Rainbow Sprinkle Cake, Double Chocolate Cake, and Lemon Pie. After I was done with making the whole cakes (because I do them all in one go), I almost forgot what I put inside!

Lucky for you, I took some fun little pictures of these guys. They were too cute not to share! I also like to make these with my 10 year old sister - once I went over the directions with her, she was busting out amazing cakes! It's really a cool activity to do with kids. Just supervise with the blades ;) That's the rule when you hang out with me: no trips to the emergency room.

So after you make the cakes and put them in the fridge, you can pull them out and slice them!
(The reason you put them into the fridge is to set the soft clay, so that when you slice, everything stays put, and nothing "smooshes" into anything else.)

It's okay if you can't resist squealing. Go ahead. 

These will then get some eyepins, liquid clay (to keep the eyepins from falling out), and then will join the legions of chocolates and things on the cookie sheet (covered in foil of course) and be put into the oven.

Tomorrow's assignment? Glaze them ALL. I better go get some sleep. Night, loves ~


  1. Oh my gosh!
    Your items are absolutely adorable!

    Glad I met you through the Etsy Blogging Buddies team!

    Mary C. Nasser

  2. Thanks for the follow! Following you back now :]


  3. Mary - Thank you so much! :) Well met! Your blog is great! I love the paintings :) I subscribed to you ;)

    Julie - Thanks! Your blog is so lovely :) Thanks for the follow-back!

  4. These are adorable.

    All the best,

  5. Voe - thank you so much! Checked out your blog :)

  6. OMG! These have got to be the cutest little yummies I've ever seen! I'm now a follower!

    I love your shop too. I put it in my favorites as well.

  7. Sher - Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it :) :)


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