Thursday, May 5, 2011

The BoneWoman's House

Some environment concepts I doodled up to cure myself of itchy-painter-fingers ;)
Concept: The Bonewoman's House.
* If you read the Sword of Truth series, it's loosely, loosely based on the idea of Adie's house.
 I've learned love is like a brick you can
build a house or sink a dead body. Gaga.
Been sketching up some illustration-ideas surrounding this line from Judas. Lady Gaga inspires me so much. She creates such amazing, thought-provoking imagery; for me, she is the pinnacle of creating the fantastic and bringing it to life to influence and inspire others.
And how the heck do I get nails like that?! Is that velvet?!
 Gaga in Judas: all rights (c) Lady Gaga


  1. Judging from the values, it looks like the BoneWoman lives in a pretty dark place :P.
    I'm not a fan of you-know-who, but I'm glad you're feeling inspired :)

  2. Chris- Not a Terry Goodkind fan? I'll admit, I read Sword of Truth first, and then got turned onto a Song of Ice and Fire, and I MUCH MUCH prefer Martin's twisted reality as opposed to Goodkind's idealistic reality.

  3. I'm a total Gaga fan too!! I have no idea how she does her nails. Her video was pretty amazing!!


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