Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 Things You Gotta Be if You Want to be Successful: #1, Be Nice.

Lately I have been brainstorming and drafting a series that I've been wanting to address on my blog. After a little over a year in actual "business", I feel like I have learned so much (and still have so much to learn!). In this age, everyone is starting to be DIY, which is great. But I also think that it takes a lot of time and patience, and the right attitude to succeed.

I'm not trying to say, "I'm a huge success! Listen to me!" These are merely suggestions from a lady who's been around the block once or twice.

I wanted to start this a little bit later, but in light of certain events, this post is simply undeniable. I tried to go to bed without writing this. I turned on my light and went back downstairs. That's how important this is to me.

Without further ado...

1. Be nice; people talk.
The internet may seem a vast world, with many circles and different cultures; but in actuality, the internet is really more like a small town. And people talk.

It's important to be kind, have an open mind, and be respectful of others online. You never know when you're going to come across that one person who could be a great connection, and you're gonna want them to see you in a positive light. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it. Is there a time and place for honesty when someone's being a jerk? Of course. But what you say on your blog, on forums, and on your profile gives people a sense of who you are as a person. If you are perceived as unpleasant or difficult to deal with, people will choose not to work with you, even if your product or service is a great fit for them. Your potential clients or readers may not see your direct interaction with others - but rest assured - people talk. If you put forward a genuinely positive, helpful presence on the internet, people will recognize you as someone who is reliable and trustworthy; someone they want to work with, or someone who will come to mind when their friends ask for their advice.

How do most people choose what products to buy? What services to go with? They ask their friends. Being kind and respectful of others online goes hand-in-hand with good word-of-mouth marketing. If you are starting out, word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful allies to have in your arsenal. If you're a joy to work with and go above and beyond for your clients, people will tell their friends (I've seen so many referral sales, it's not even funny!); if you're a pain, or you seriously step out of line, you can be sure that you'll get some word-of-mouth, but most likely it won't be pretty. People tell their friends when they've had a good experience with a store or blog; but people are equally as eager to advise their friends on which sellers, commissioners, and bloggers to avoid.

At the end of the day, I'm still a believer in the good old elementary school mantra of The Golden Rule: Treat others the way that you want to be treated. 

Have a kind heart;
Go 150% for every client (you never know when that one sale or commission will turn into a long-term relationship, you also don't know who that client knows);
Be open-minded and be critical of yourself before being critical of others;
Be excellent at what you do, and take joy in it (it will be readily apparent and contagious in every aspect of your business).

Thanks for reading. I'll be coming out with #2 in the next few days. 
I hope this was helpful and insightful!

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  1. well said...and I agree. It not only makes good business also just makes life so much more enjoyable. I love making my customers feel s awesome to hear things like "thank you so much, its even better than I expected" and especially "I've given your name to all my friends"

    Looking forward to the rest of this series :)

  2. Kristina - Agreed! The world needs more kindness and open-mindedness in it, in my opinion; and less hostility and self-righteousness.

    And yea, isn't that the absolute best feeling? All the money in the world can't buy you the fuzzies you get when someone is really happy with your work and wants to tell others.

    I've got some cool things planned for some of the other bullets :) Thanks so much for commenting my dear! Hope life is treating you well!

  3. Hey! I really appreciate you finding me on Etsy...I wish us both much luck & success!

    I can't believe you are only 24 & SO wise...I love this post so much & agree with it 110%!!!

    Kindness goes a long way in the business world & the real world...can't wait to read your other bullets!!! :-)

  4. VERY well said! I can't believe you are just 24 years old & SO wise!!! You are right on the money with this posting, Girlie! I love it & agree 100%!!!

    Thanks for finding me on Etsy...wishing us both much luck & success! Can't wait to read your next posting! :-)

  5. Ashley - thanks so much girl :) Appreciate it! xoxo


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