Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Emperor's Garden

Been working on some new portfolio pieces, so I can be considered for more scholarship funds towards my Masters Degree down at SCAD this fall. Here are some more detailed thumbs for "The Emperor's Botanical Garden" concept I'm working on.

These are really rough, but mainly I'm just working on value and composition. Obviously, the third is the weakest, lol. The second is adapted from a graphite life study I did in my backyard a few weeks ago.

Lastly, I just discovered the treasury widget on CraftCult, and I wanted to show a treasury that I thought was just gorgeous (and the curator was kind enough to feature my Aqua Spring Bloom Necklace!).


  1. Love the pieces for your portfolio and the treasury is awesome!


  2. As far as composition goes I like the first one the most. On the second though I like shapes of the trees themselves and the fountain better


  3. Velvetbox - thank you so much! :)

    Christie - Hey girl, thanks so much! I've gotten some great input on those pieces :)

    Armada - thanks so much for the feedback! It seems like everyone thinks those two are the strongest. I'm having a hard time deciding which to pursue.


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