Saturday, May 7, 2011

A wedding! I love weddings! Drinks all around!

Though I am not a bride-to-be, I love weddings. 
In my next life, I'll probably have to choose between Wedding Planner and Indiana Jones as my career path ;)

Weddings are becoming so amazingly hip and DIY; and with today's economy, every bride wants to watch her wallet. Like I said, I'm not a bride-to-be, but I eat up Etsy Weddings, DIY Bride, and always pull out the People Magazine on the celebrity weddings at the dentist's office. (Maybe I just like all the flowery, mushy photos!)

This summer I've had the honour to work with 3 brides so far, to create pieces for them and their bridesmaids to wear during the ceremony. I never imagined I'd be doing wedding jewelry, but now I am forever hooked. It is so touching to be a part of someone's day by designing them something that will serve as a beautiful, lasting reminder of their union.

As I said, I never imagined when I started my business that I'd have my eye turned towards bridal jewelry. I have my dear dear friend Lacey to thank for that. She came to me and asked me to design her something for her special day. Of course I jumped at the opportunity.

Every bride I make pieces for first gets a "sketch phase". I am an illustrator at heart, so there's gotta be some gorgeous doodling to get excited about! Lacey picked out the first design for herself to wear at her rehearsal dinner, and picked the third design for her bridesmaids. I truly had a blast, and have her to thank for helping me discover another passion. 

 Photography and Design (c) Erin McManness - not to be reproduced in any way.

Since then I have worked on quite a few weddings, including one just recently where the bride was inspired by the original design, and asked me to create a set for her in a gorgeous, royal purple. This design is quickly becoming one of my absolute favourites. The centers are stamped with a swirling rosette design from a found vintage filigree piece; then I sweep on a bit of powdered silver leaf for extra shimmer. I handcraft every single piece of the pendant individually - I never, ever use molds. In that way, every piece will be completely unique and special. And I think that's the heart of the DIY bride... to create something original and beautiful for your day.

H a p p y  W e d d i n g   S e a s o n  ~
As my other brides and I work together, I'll be sure to post photos of the finished works! 

* If you are interested in working with me (for weddings, events, or gift-giving), please be sure to check out My Etsy Store for some samples, and then shoot me an email over at!


  1. I love love love love love your work! ...and the ILLUSTRATIONS!

    Did you do your header?

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  3. Thank you so much!! :) And yes, I did do my header :)

    I'm really in love with fashion illustration, and that was a little project I did for myself, combining fashion illustration, some of my own jewelry designs, and my love of Art Nouveau and Alphonse Mucha :)

  4. And my bridesmaids LOVED all those necklaces. I still rock my piece, especially this summer, since it's so bright and fun! I'm glad I was able to be part of your new found passion for wedding design. I'll always be grateful for the role you played in my big day.

  5. Mental note: When planning a wedding, contact Miri. Seriously though, these are so wonderful! The illustrations are awesome too! ^^

  6. Lacey - I'm so glad! Seriously, your necklace was one of my absolute favourite pieces to create. And I am so happy you and your bridesmaids loved the jewelry :) I owe you one!

    Shaluah - Hey babe! Well, you know I do custom jewelry for any occasion ;) ;) And thank you! Fashion Illustrations FTW!

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