Sunday, May 29, 2011

G I V E A W A Y ~ spring & summer are for flowers.

 Hey guys, how was everyone's Memorial Day Weekend? The girls and I had an amazing time together for the bridal shower :)

While I am not going to be announcing my big news in this post (next one, promise!), I have some other awesome stuff to share - mainly, a giveaway! Yes, free stuff! There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there IS such a thing as free jewelry. And not just one, oh no no no.

Count 'em - TWO - lovely pieces of jewelry will be finding lovely new homes completely free of charge.

One lucky winner will receive a Spring Bloom Necklace in the colour of their choice! These necklaces are so much fun for me to make, and they're absolutely gorgeous; full of vibrant colour. I mix and match them into a ton of my summer wardrobe.

Another lucky winner will receive a never-before-posted Orange Swirl Cameo Ring! This ring is a warm orange hue, stamped with a vintage filigree piece, then swept shimmery with powdered gold leaf - perfect for summer beach parties, or looking forward to when we get into autumn. Head on over to CherishedBliss to check out some pics!

Please do me the favour of stopping by CherishedBliss to check out the giveaway! To enter, please leave a comment on THIS CHERISHEDBLISS BLOG ENTRY, for every time you enter. You can enter by following my blog (or let us know you're already following!),
following CherishedBliss' Blog,
and by hearting my Etsy Shop and sharing your favourite item,
and by facebooking/tweeting about the giveaway!
(Comments in this blogpost do not count as entries, sorry! Only comments left at the blogpost linked above will qualify!)

Giveaway ends June 4th! So hurry and spread the word, link up, and win some free summery jewelry! :)

Rock on, little birdies! Next post is big news; posts coming include "Six Things to Be Successful #3", and a story about my encounter with a ghost (yes, really).


  1. Awesome jewelry. I totally love it. The girls love the cookie rings

  2. Beautiful swag store - thanks so much for following and entering the giveaway! :) I'm so glad you like my work! <3

    Ashley - Hey babe! Thanks for the shout out! ;)


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