Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blog Facelift & An Extra-Special Process Post

(Or, "Hey! The blog is blue! What the-- !")

Yep. The blog is blue! Like my mom plopping a bowl on my head when I was 7 and taking the scissors to my locks, my sweet little blog was in desperate need of a new style (though hopefully more appealing than my childhood bowl-cut: true story! My sister and I refer to this period as the "Dutch-Boy Haircut Phase" and shudder.)

I hope you like the new look! My new header is one of my most recent and well-received illustrations, and the buttons and sidebar have followed suit in a cool, gauzy palette. And I've even added in an Instagram button! Are you as addicted as me?

And in honour of the new look,
we're sporting a special process post! 
Recently, I've moved more away from concept art, and into the realm of fashion illustration. It's already familiar territory, but now I am focusing my efforts on a very feminine, delicate style, with washes of watercolour and ink, and thought-provoking imagery. And of course pretty clothes.

In this process post, I will share shots of my work in progress of another of my most recent illustrations, "The Birds". This piece was created on 22x30" Arches 300lb Hotpress Watercolour paper, using graphite, watercolour, and india ink. And would you like to see it in full colour? Scroll on!

This was truly a labor of love for me. I love the images that grow on you and excite you as you're working on them. Even if you're bone-tired, you're still ready to put the hours in to see it develop. (And birds are sweet things to draw.)

And if you'd like to see the digitally-coloured version,

I hope you liked seeing some of my process, and I am planning to update the blog much more now! 
Thank you so much for reading, and Happy Spring!
Today my boyfriend and and I finally got to relax, go to an amazing bakery for lunch, and then take a long, leisurely walk through some really adorable parts of Atlanta. And my sweet Southern Gentleman held my hand the whole way :) We saw giant koi fish, pond turtles, and lots of furry buddies. Who needs a zoo?!

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Any Spring plans?
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