Friday, January 22, 2010

I am not the sidewalk.

Today is a prime example of why I make art. Sometimes I find that it is the only escape from bullshit people. If I want to make a world that's full of hate, I paint a world that's full of hate. If I want to create the most beautiful being on earth, I create the most beautiful thing I can think of. Characters that have the power to look past despair, monsters that can't feel anything at all, heroines that kick peoples ass, gentlemen with flowers, little boys and girls without a care in the world, ladies with cats on their heads because they're silly and old, wizards, and dragons, and people that fly. Angels and shadows and lovely girls and gallant men. Fish that turn into people, evil queens, and mystical old men with long fuzzy beards.

Here, I don't have to deal with people who promise me things, work me to the bone, and never make good on their words - rather, promise me EVERYTHING and give me NOTHING after I held up my end of the bargain; here I don't have to think about stupid managers that don't care if you need your paycheck to survive, who can be rude because they feel like it.

I am so fed up. I think my biggest pet peeve is people who make and break bargains; if you make a bargain with me, I hold up my end because I expect you to do the same. I am SO tired of people thinking they can walk all over me.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Bird, Little Bird Soaring Soaring Soaring

First post of 2010. First post of a brand new shiny decade.

Lots of stuff happening, I suppose. I've applied to do character design at a few local studios - no word back yet, but I sent the emails today, so let's all cross our fingers. My buddy says I just need that lucky opportunity, and it's gotta come along at some point. I believe him.

Speaking of getting lucky, I'm working on several projects right now. I am currently illustrating LA-based designer Camille Calvin's designs for production and marketing purposes :) She's been so much fun to work with, and I really dig her designs. Will post the finished product when it's complete - I'm working on the colours at the moment.

Second project is a Children's Book I've been asked to do some roughs for; so I'll possibly be working on that :) The story is about a sweet old lady who mistakenly wears her cat into town one day, thinking that she's just wearing her hat. She wonders why everyone's looking and smiling at her and decides it must be because she's so charming :) Aww how cute. I'm excited!

Third project I'll know more about tomorrow: I have a lunch meeting with author of "Escape from Berlin", Frank Zanca, to hash out some quality prelim. illustrations for his new book that I'll be working on - it's a mix of Peter Pan and Wizard of Oz, taking place in a combination of this world and fantasy worlds. :) Also really excited about this project! It's definitely my style. I did a rough fantasy city-scape for him before our meeting, and here it is:

I honestly had WAY too much fun doing this (I sketched it while watching Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom, lol) I want to do more BGs [backgrounds].

I revamped my portfolio yesterday, and I may be including a section for Environments soon :) I'm excited. It was so relaxing and fun to do the city-scape!

[ P O R T F O L I O ]

I also have been taking more private commissions, which have been fun. Character work is still my favourite :)

I will also be submitting my work to Expose 8 and ImagineFX shortly :) I need to finish some pieces first, though.

On the flip side, my manager at my part-time (joke) job has been ridiculous. She basically just does not know how to manage to save her life. I am unsure of how much longer I can take working under her.

Screw her, here's some art:

"The Seeing Witch" - done for a painting tutorial that several of my DA watchers have requested for some time now.

And the tutorial:
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