Tuesday, May 17, 2011

un Reverie ~ a dream journal

I have always been told that I have the weirdest, most vivid dreams of anyone I know. Last year, I started a dream journal to record select dreams (I literally remember my dreams every night), and as promised, I am sharing some here. 

These are pages right out of my notebook, written in my hand. I have changed some names for privacy - I don't wish to air all of my dirty laundry here (though I'm sure it'd make for an interesting read)!


  1. Bizzare indeed. I do envy you for being able to write it down in coherent sentence. Whenever I jot down my ideas/dreams/concepts, it's usually like the comments I put in my codes: a few words related to the issue but makes no sense.

  2. Jia - Hah thanks. Sometimes I wish they were just concepts. I've always wanted to turn them into illustrations, but I feel the narrative is so strong I don't have freedom to do so. I feel like maybe a few jumbled words might work better for conceptualizing work?


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