Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hi dear friends, Happy 2013 :) I hope it has already been a magnificent year for each and every one of you. As for me, it has been truly wonderful. It's been awhile since I have been able to update my blog between working at the ad agency, traveling home for the holidays, and spending quality time with my loved ones. Over the break, I think I only opened my computer a handful of times - how refreshing!

Tomorrow is back to the grind - time for work and to go back into grad school. And how lovely! My little body decided to fall ill the weekend right before. Blergh. Here's to going in to work at 9am with a head full of yuck and a zombie brain. But! The show must go on, eh? So it shall.

Here are a few fun posts to show some of the highlights
of this past month :) 
If you are so inclined, please do follow me on Instagram at Mirilittlebird for daily art posts. 

1. I have been creating postcard (4x6") sized original illustrations just for fun, after great success with a few over at Mint Gallery in Atlanta for their postcard pin-up show. These will be up in my Etsy Shop, MiribirdIllustrates, this week!

2. Here I am at Emily Amy Gallery, at which I had the pleasure of showing two of my Artist Books in late November (books pictured above). So many people came to support me, and I was truly touched. And someone special showed up ;)

3. Another postcard illustration that is already up and looking for a new home in my shop!

4. Some fun with watercolours, a sample illustration for a potential project - shh!

5. Little monogram frames I've been working on intermittently with watercolour and acrylic - also will be up in the shop this week!

6. Sketchbook airplane time from one of my many holiday trips.

I just wanted to say something small about my personal life. I have met someone truly wonderful, the special someone I mentioned above, quite a charming bloke, a man who lights me up. 2013 is off to the best start I think I've ever had, and I am incredibly happy in all facets of my life. I am truly blessed, and I just had to share. Love you all ~
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