Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I don't know why this week should be labeled weepy.

Well. I asked You to teach me patience. And now I'm learning it in the most potent, agonizing way possible, I think.

Give me the strength, because I don't have to tell You that I'm about to scream in frustration; You already know my heart. Give me the strength; I know I don't have it alone.

We say, "Oh Lord! Teach me patience!", expecting that God will quiet our hearts and help us simply to think about other things as a way to stop being so lonely. That is not how He is teaching me. I have learned something completely new about my faith today.

Maybe You are teaching me in the best way even though I don't see it; maybe You are mending my heart from the things that came long ago that I still haven't recovered from.

I don't do well when things aren't "fair". Someone... please

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