Monday, July 28, 2008

California, Rest in Peace. Simultaneous release.

More listing, because today I'm lazy.

1. I worship best through music.
2. I wish I had another vacation this summer; definitely missing the beach...
3. I don't know what happened, and it makes my heart oh-so-sad.
4. Everyone always asks about my favourite song/band. I've never really been able to answer... and then "Dani California" by Chili Peppers came on my iPod. It's been one of my most favourite, and every time I hear it I play it over 10 times and rock out and never tire. So for now, it has Favourite Status. First song in the history of Erin to have the title.
5. In such an artsy mood :)
6. I love love love my red shoes <3
7. I feel like an old lady half the time. Just sent in my retirement plan papers for my 403B and got my own policy at Geico. Wahh childhood, where are you hiding? Come back out and let's play. Please?
8. Viewing my possible new apartment on Saturday; pretty stoked.
9. I want a nice camera SOOO bad. I could work wonders with it, I'm sure.
10. Hoping to see my dad this week/weekend for his birthday.


  1. California.... rest in peace. Such sweet words, yet just a bit bitter as it means we are coming to an end of our roadtrip. But, as promised, I'm bringing your bf home to you safe and sound :)

  2. Hah, thanks Chad. I do appreciate that. Just make sure you get home safe and sound, too!


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