Sunday, April 3, 2011

Waiting for Ghosts, and Progress Shots

As promised, here are the progress shots for "Waiting for Ghosts". I spent more time than I normally do on this, but I think it paid off. I really enjoyed working in the subtle and delicate palette; she reminds me of a ballerina :)

Okay I'll shut up and show you the art.
Click for larger view.

I also have created a new line of Cameo Rings, now with fancier filigree frames and cool spring-inspired designs. I'll be updating my Etsy Shop over the week with them. But here's a preview for you, blog-followers ;)
New Line of Colourful Cameo Rings by Erin McManness

Also, I wanted to clarify just one thing about my previous "Why I'm Single" post. I do believe that I will be in a relationship again, it's just that, at this time in my life, I'm fine being single ;) But later in life, I'm perfectly happy to find my own McDreamy ;)

Also I start my job with Cirque du Soleil tomorrow!!!

1 comment:

  1. This is so lovely!
    The soft palette is really nice (:
    Very spring ^_^

    I love seeing progress shots, too.
    Makes me think that maybe I can see how you did everything, and take some of it with me for my own work.

    Also, those rings are really nice!
    I wish lighter colours looked better on me x_x
    I got my paypal working finally, and have about $40 in it, so I'll have to check out something for my mom, with her birthday coming up soon...

    And Cirque du Soleil!? What are you doing with them? o_o
    That must be exciting!


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