Monday, April 11, 2011

Can Art Save the World?

...if it could, I sure hope it would hurry up and lower gas prices!

Seriously, though. You have to be living under a rock in America not to notice that things are falling apart. I'm not afraid to admit that it has me worried... very worried. I thought a few months ago that the recession was "getting better". Now, I feel like it's getting worse. I worry about how long this will go on, how much more damage will be done, and what our future is going to look like. I hesitate to get into a lengthy post about politics and global economy... mostly because I don't know nearly enough to take a fully educated stand.

But I can say one thing with certainty: the only thing we can do is to keep going. Some of the problems we face as Americans can seem insurmountable, and I have a hunch that continuing to take money from the taxpayers is NOT ever going to be the answer for our government-induced problems, but as an individual, I have faith that God will continue to provide for me. If we all just give up, surely things will fall apart even more. But if we keep going, keep pressing on, we will at least be moving into the future with a clear conscience, knowing that we're doing our best :)

Maybe all we really need is some sunshine, and a vacation? I could do with a margarita and a beach right now :)

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  1. It's hard to be hopeful about the recession :( I can imagine that the situation might be a little different here in Canada than it is in the USA...But I've been hearing that we have minimum 10 more years before we start to see improvement!

    I'm 18, so I can't drink in the US...But enjoy a margarita for me,okay? :P

  2. I hope it's not 10 years, oh my gosh.


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