Monday, April 18, 2011

Incredible Image, "Armour" by one of my favourite artists, Homentashen.
Her works are always a feast for the eyes. Here's her blog.

Here's to the art of snogging, 
and to hopefully some good ones in the near future
because - let's face it - it's just plain fun.

I had my first kiss when I was 15, it was by a bathroom and he pulled away. HAHAHA. The pinnacle of awkward adolescence. Nothing like the stuff Taylor Swift sings about. Do you kiss and tell? (I can, now that I'm nearly 25 and have had enough therapy to get over my first lip-wrestling experience, err- fiasco!)

Typography by me. Font is courtesy of; font, "exotica".


  1. lol..yeah I sent my bf on a mission and he did a good job!

    I love the new layout of the blog. Great post too!

  2. Six_33 - thanks so much!!!

    Love - Hey babe! Yea, it's suc an adorable accessory :) Thanks so much for the compliments! xoxo

  3. how cute is your little kissing story!! my first kiss was in 7th grade-peer pressure from other couples haha!! he had chips in his mouth -__-

    the art looks beautiful btw <3

  4. Augustalolita - hahahaha thank you! Ahhhh the priceless moments of our adolescence, right? LOL. Yours is funny too! Chips! Poor guy. Did you catch him off-guard?


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