Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer, School, and More Snogging.

Life is going well, my friends. Sorry I've been absent on the blog this past week... long long hours at work and just being insanely busy. But this week is double-dark (meaning, we have 2 days of no shows) at Cirque, so I've finally got a bit of a breather. Which is good, considering that I found out I got into SCAD'S Illustration MFA program for this fall, and I literally have not had time to even start looking over the materials. Where the heck are my priorities?! (They were totally on the Easter Egg Hunt and Egg-Dying this morning with my 10 year old sister)

It's supposed to be feeling more like spring and summer this week, with hot weather and thunderstorms (my favourite!), so I figured tonight would be a good time to bust out my Summer To Do List:

What are your summer ToDo's?

My list has several numbers that are quite large umbrellas, so let's just add more margaritas, wearing more dresses, creating new jewelry, exploring different avenues with my illustration, buying new clothes, taking life less seriously, and drinking a lot more lemonade.

Also, a follow up to my previous post: (because I am pretty sure my life is just one big self-fulfilling prophecy.) As per my completely un-serious words about the future of snogging in my personal life, voila! Some snogging happened, with quite a fine chap. I couldn't just write up a whole big "making out post" (as my friend called it), and not follow up to it! Happy snogging, fellow bloggers!


  1. Love love love your list! It's great to prioritize having more you time.

  2. I love your Summer To-do list! And congrats on getting into SCAD, that's fantastic! I have heard so many good things about it (and seriously, how could you beat living in Savannah??)

  3. My summer to-do list so far consists of two things: Improve my art and stop neglecting my sketch blog.

  4. Holley - Thanks so much! Honestly, I think personal-happiness-time is so importance. Life is really too short not to be happy, or at least try to be!

    Wild Violets - Heyyy thanks so much! I've heard only amazing things as well! I'm actually going to be at their Atlanta campus. As far as I understand it, Savannah is for the Arts + Humanities, and Atlanta is more Digital Media + Entertainment. I'm SUPER excited!

    Aeternus - Hahahaha, awesome! Do it! I'll be sure to eye an eye on your sketchblog and bug you when an update is due! ;) ;)

  5. Haha, okay. You can bug me on the sketchblog or on gaia since I'm there a lot too and we're both in AD a lot. :D


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