Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blogs You Simply Must Follow or You're Silly.

I've come across some really wonderful blogs lately, and I thought I ought to make a selection and recommend some to you guys :) (Though I wish I could recommend everyone; if I'm following you it's because I think you have some serious moxie.) Really though, go follow them. And I'll tell you why you should!

1. StyleNymph

 First up we have my lovely, talented, and very sweet friend, Sarah: affectionately known on the web as the StyleNymph. She is a model, photographer, and blogger who's incredibly fashion-savvy and always recommends really chill music. I've seriously found some of my favourite songs on her blog from her "current jams"!

There are so many artful, inspiring shots (like this one from photographer Anna Harty) on her blog - go check it out!

BLOG: StyleNymph
Photo (c) Anna Harty

2. Kitchen Karate

I just discovered Jordan's blog, "Kitchen Karate", tonight through foodgawker, and instantly fell so in love that I had include him in my recommendations. I'm secretly a huge foodie. Almost all of my memories of trips I've taken have been surrounded by food. The reason I get myself out of bed is for coffee and breakfast. And I love to bake and entertain.

Jordan's blog features gorgeous food photography that'll have you laying in your own drool, awesome recipes (I'm trying the "Rabbit in the Hole" recipe tomorrow morning), and it is HILARIOUS. You're seriously missing out if you don't add Kitchen Karate to your blogroll.

Photo (c) Jordan D'Amico

3. Love at First Blush

This blog is such a source of inspiration for me. The designer, Sabrina Chin, creates amazing works of wearable art from leather (which is a medium in which I'm totally incompetent). I could seriously go on and on about how much I love her stuff, and am planning to buy her very-popular Black Feather Necklace as a birthday gift to myself this summer.

If that's not enough reason, here's another: amazing photography. Sabrina expertly pairs her products in with well-known labels, resulting in absolute loveliness.

Photo (c) Sabrina Chin

I'm definitely going to be featuring some more blogs soon! Perhaps next week :) There are so many talented people out there who deserve more attention! Now go follow StyleNymph, KitchenKarate, and Love at First Blush! And have a lovely night :)


  1. Thanks for this great list of blogs to follow- I'll be sure to check them all out, although I don't want to look at delicious food first thing in the morning when I don't feel too good. When I've got something in my belly, I'll check it out.
    This was great, I love your way of blogging! ^^

  2. Millabones - You're welcome! They're just too good not to tell people about :) And no worries - go make yourself some delicious breakfast :) And thank you for the compliments! I'm glad my blog is interesting lol

  3. They are good, very good. As is your blog, don't worry, it is very interesting!

  4. You're so sweet to feature me! Thank you so much, I am beyond flattered!! :)

  5. Love - Of course! Your blog is so inspiring to me! I had to give you some love :)

  6. Thank you so much for the mention. I can't believe I'm just seeing this now! :)


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