Sunday, April 17, 2011

Transport Me to the Beach Please

Been reading up on a lot of fashion and accessory blogs lately, especially with the coming of my favourite season of all - summertime! I'm usually stuck inside, working like a dog all summer, which usually results in pasty white skin (ugh) - but this one will be different! I have quite a few (appropriately-themed) goals for this summer. But first, I've been gathering up lots of summertime inspiration in the form of colours and clay jewelry.

Lemonade, sunshine, and bright aqua-marine coastal tidal pools seem to be the theme for the summer's colours. 

(I've thrown in a more green-turquoise, a lovely cream, and a warm golden orange.)

All designs seen here can be found in My Etsy Shop
Ready to close my eyes and drift away with a sarong, bottle of suntan lotion, and a margarita... ahhh.

I'm still jotting down ideas for my Summer To-Do List, and I'll be sure to post it up once it's complete! Do you guys have any fun plans in the coming warm months? Any goals for this summer? :) Tell me about it!

I'm going to start by trying not to take life too seriously, and unwinding with this awesome bollywood-vibe track from Cirque du Soleil's "Totem". I suggest you give it a listen.


  1. Really nice stuff you've got there. Really like the color scheme you've got going on.
    I should probably take the same resolution as you!

  2. By your description of summer and the beach, I'll meet you there!
    Wonderful grid you put together! Gold and turquoise are gorgeous together!

  3. Millabones - Thanks so much :) I really appreciate that. Gold and aqua is one of my favourite colour schemes!

    Six - Heyyy thanks so much! Hahah, I'm SO ready for the beach, oh man. I do agree. Turquoise + gold = magic.


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