Thursday, March 31, 2011

Progress Shot

I've been screencapping the process of this piece for a little paint-through thing. I don't see myself being any kind of authority on "how to paint", but since my computer is being silly and won't make it through a proper livestream session without needing to be helicoptered to the tech-hospital, paint-throughs will have to do!

Here's a teaser. Click for larger.

And I've recently been watching the first season of Glee (since I was a total loser and didn't watch it when it ran, aka, didn't have cable.) - so as an addendum to the previous post, and partially my soundtrack to this painting, I present you with the incredible voice of Mercedes, bustin this number out: 


  1. That is gorgeous. I am absolutely in love with the color palette you chose. Good job so far :)

  2. Dani - thank you so much, I've really enjoyed working in a softer palette :)

    Jia - Thanks babe!


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