Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jewelry Sneak Peek - La Vie Boheme

A loved and dear friend suggested to me that I start giving a few of my pieces a more vintage-bohemian feel, and she completely read my mind, because I ordered quite a few vintage filigree pieces from Etsy a bit back and have been itching to pair some with my polymer clay sculpting :)

Here is a sneak peek of the pendants before they get paired up with chains and beadings ;)

These aren't in my shop yet (hopefully tomorrow or Friday!) But check out the rest of my shop! I'm super close to 100 sales, and I am really excited to hit that milestone!


  1. Wow. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I'll have to snag one of those when they go up to give as a gift sometime.

  2. Kendal - Hey! How are you doing?! Did your mom like the necklace for Christmas? :)

    Thank you so much for the compliments! They should be up in the shop next week! :)


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