Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Art, Fear, and the Waltz of the Jellyfish

I should post up more of my own work, shouldn't I? Hahah...

Okay, here is something I've been working on:

"Waltz of the Jellyfish" by Erin McManness

I've really been trying to tackle quite a few things lately... and I can't help but feel slightly overwhelmed. I've been getting a lot of honest and helpful critique, even though some of it is tough to hear. I admit that sometimes I look at artists I admire and just think, "Man, it looks so EASY! How does it just come to them?!" This is probably not the case, but the insecure side of me comes out and feels pretty derp-a-licious. 

Funny, I was thinking this all last night while working on this piece and really trying to be very critical of my colour usage. I thought, very honestly, "Man, am I REALLY cut out for concept art? There is just so much I don't know and so much I'm really not good at. How will I ever be good enough? Maybe I should start exploring other options..." 

Feeling admittedly a little down-hearted, I took a break, flipped on my phone, and read my horoscope. 

/cue twilight zone music: "If a fear is stopping you from realizing a dream, then your first order of business today should be to banish that fear. Don't make peace with it; don't go forth bravely but still fearful. No, you need to drive out that fear completely. Well, you must be thinking, 'that's easier said than done'. To accomplish this monumental feat, you need to imagine the worst that could happen. Come to terms with it. Know you're bigger than it. Once you're intimately familiar with it, you'll see that it really isn't all that bad in the big scheme of things."


  1. It's beautiful. And what you go through is certainly the crux of the artist. I look at my own work and think "Wow... that's not what I wanted. That's horrible!" and then others look at it and don't see all the flaws and mistakes I clearly see. I think that's true with all artists. Don't be too hard on yourself - just hard enough to keep trying to improve. (As if that's possible! Your artwork blows me away!)

    ~Trillium from Gaia

  2. its just amazing
    I love it, the colors, movement, idea
    just wow

  3. Critiques is part of the reason I stopped posting in concept art. Not that I don't like them, it can be overwhelming from time to time, and I decided it's better to just go at my own pace. Then again, I am a lazy bum who has no goal in life...

  4. Wow, didn't see these comments until now! Thanks guys!

    Trillium - Thank you. Sometimes I feel a little alone, even though I know I'm not the only one ;) Thanks for the compliments <333 Your sculpture blows ME away!

    Mariann - Thank you so much my dear! :)

    Jia - Hah, yea it's definitely overwhelming. I actually feel more comfortable posting to CA, rather than Gaia though. CA I at least know that most likely the person is a professional and not just a hobbyist. It's not that I'm a snob on who crits me, I just think I am ready for a more critical eye to challenge me. On Gaia, I feel my work just gets nitpicked, especially by some, just for the sake of having something negative to say. I want to be encouraged, not berated for details. I want to strengthen my foundations and make kick-ass work. Simply put, I don't think Gaia is that stepping-stone for me at this point. CA DEINITELY can be overwhelming though. I'm so with you there. @_@;;;;


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