Friday, March 11, 2011


Allow me to introduce Shaun Herrington, more commonly known on the web as Gerbos. My first photographer in my Friday Feature, Gerbos captures amazing moments and has a moody, edgy feel to his work. 

"Limit To Your Love" by Gerbos

Check out our Q & A!

Q: How did you get involved in photography? Do you work in any other mediums?
A: I got into photography in a bit of a weird way...My friends and I used to go and find derelict buildings, and we took pictures to record the places. Then eventually I tried to take more interesting pictures of them, and the photography habit sort of developed there. I work with pencils and paint a lot, and I like to think that compositional skills crossed over.

Q: What inspires you? 
A: I'd say movies inspired me, I watch a lot of movies. But not in the visual way. This might sound a little bit pretentious, but I think they inspire me in a more emotional and thematic way, such as alienation and loneliness, but also other things like surrealism and love.

 "A Night Without Cars" by Gerbos

Q: Your image locations are fascinating as well as the motion blurs - do you scope out locations, stumble upon them, or a happy medium?
A: Locations are quite important to me, they add context to the imagery, but I probably overthink them. I nearly always plan out my locations in advance, I tend to spend hours in one place.

 "So Says I" by Gerbos

Q: What do you seek to communicate with your viewers through your images? Your images are of a "darker" tone - is this significant of a part of your life or your work?
A: Well it depends on the series I'm making. I do not intentionally make things darker and I do not really consider myself a dark person at all, but it does come quite naturally to me. I guess photography might be an outlet of my negativity. I really try to avoid clichés when presenting emotions done to death such as alienation, but I think in the end, I just choose the ones which resonates the strongest regardless of cliché.

 "Stillness is the Move" by Gerbos

Q: What are your plans for your photography and your artistic self in general?
A: My plans are a little bit vague at the moment. I'm still seeking to expand - try to learn new things and find my strengths and weaknesses. But it is nice to play on my existing strengths too, of course! In fact, I really love being in my element, and probably spend more time than I should doing things I can already do. I guess it's just nice to expand on my niche.

A huge thank you to Gerbos for taking the time to answer my questions and allow me to share his incredible work!

Be sure to check out Gerbos' full gallery on deviantart!

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