Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I Wore... in Las Vegas

One of my favourite things to doodle out are fashion illustrations.

I worked for two large designers in the city of Los Angeles about a year ago, and these littered my sketchbook. Originally inspired by Viet My Bui, I now have developed my own style, and this is such a fun, "let loose" exercise for me (and also a way to practice my anatomy, fabric, and stylization skills!)

W H A T  I  W O R E ... in fabulous Las Vegas
I wore these two outfits out to Stratosphere (right outfit) 
and for a night playing Roulette in the casinos (left outfit)

LEFT: F21 Navy Blue Cocktail Dress; Mediterranean Lagoon Necklace from my own collection; Navy pumps with ruffles; Silver clutch.

RIGHT: Ximena Valero Twister Dress in Nautical Stripe (she's one of the designers I worked for in LA); Nautical Stripe wrap wedges; Silver drop earrings.

All images / illustrations in this post are (c) Erin McManness 2009 - 2011 


  1. AH! I love when you do "what I wore" posts!
    You're so fashionable!

  2. Hello:) Wow you have an extreme talent, i totally love your fashionable spirit:D and plus i love that you're a coffee drinker extraordinaire:) thanks for posting you site i totally love it:D

  3. You should be a fashion designer i would so wear your clothes!!! :D :D

  4. very cute! love this illustration :D

    Muchos Smiles,
    bb, xoxo

    p.s. MotelRocks fan?

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