Monday, June 6, 2011


Don't leave me hanging...
What are your confessions?

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  1. My confession is that I feel pretty disgusted with myself right now.

  2. I'd rather not say...but it has something to do with ice cream and cookies. xD

  3. Chris - What?! Whyyy? Don't feel that way!

    Shaluah - Hahahaha... what if I admitted that I just ate like 4 spoonfuls of my mother's homemade cookie dough? ;)

  4. Oh let's not even talk about cookie dough. I might have to go to the store and get some. I like to just eat it, not even baked.

    Actually, I went to the grocery store yesterday and ended up buying mini chocolate eclairs that you can keep in the freezer and a mini tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, titled, "Chubby Hubby". LOL

  5. I like this post!
    What was your killer fashion job?

    My confession is that I have a weakness for sweets. :)

  6. Shaluah - Lol let's not talk about how much I ate! And OMG I LOVE THOSE. I know exactly what you're talking about!!! I probably need some too...

    Sabrina - I worked in LA for two designers - one was a Red Carpet and Evening Gown designer ( and one was a Private Label, and we worked with Disney/F21/Bebe/etc ( Wonderful jobs... I think about LA every single day :( One day I'll go back.

  7. I know it hurts... a lot... but I say this with incredible vigor: things happen for a reason. The choices we take, the paths we're led down and the things that happen to us, all happen for a reason. They happen so that greater things can happen to us and you'll see, someday you'll see, that it was best thing you've ever done. :)

  8. I learned so much about you in this post! I had no idea you worked in LA or for those 2 companies. Must have been so nice to be near the beach and the sunny weather in LA.

    Good luck with Grad school! I hope you will share more of your confessions and your adventures with us here.

  9. Devon - hah, thanks hun. I agree that good things came out of it, and I learned a lot, but I miss it terribly.

    Sabrina - Hah, yea :) yes! The weather was incredible. It was always balmy. I miss it, now that I'm back East. Thank you for the encouragement - it'll be an adjustment, but a welcome change :)


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