Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lovely Flowers for Lovely Ladies

This week has been a whirlwind - I feel like it's flown by! It's surprising how little of the day is left after work and driving home! Sometimes it's nice to come home and relax after dinner, and work on something creative. I've got a new painting in the works, inspired by the sea and my beach-faring desires. I also have been stocking up on my Spring Bloom Necklaces in every colour of the rainbow for the convention this summer!

This is by far one of my favourite pieces to make! Pictured here is my Marine Turquoise Bloom; I recently switched over from using exclusively Sculpey to using Premo, and wow - what a difference. The colour jumps right out of the clay, and has a subtle shimmer to it. Thought I ought to make a recommendation to all you fellow sculptors out there!

As for the design, I was actually originally inspired by the fabric flowers that are sprinkled (and heart'd by me) all over Etsy. I wanted to create something delicate and playful in clay (since fabric isn't my forte), and voila! Through fun experimentation and surprises, my line of Spring Bloom Necklaces was created! Don't you love those happy discoveries? When something totally unexpected and unplanned happens and you're like, "Wow, that looks fabulous!"? I've found that these look great with jeans and a tee, but also with a summer sun dress, and even as jewelry for bridesmaids (these have been featured in various colours in several different weddings!)

Also, did you know that I'm giving one of these away? Like, for free?

 Layout from Love by Serena;; Photos by Erin McManness / Miri-love

Hop on over to { Love by Serena } to enter! 
Everyone loves free jewelry! 
And hurry - the giveaway ends on June 24th!

One last thing, little birdies... I am going to bright, glittering Las Vegas over the next four days (it will be my first time!), so I will not be able to blog much. However, I am taking my lovely camera, and will have some fabulous photographs to post next week, as well as some "What I Wore" illustrations of the glamourous outfits my sister and I have planned (we call these our "hot girl disguises"). Vivaaaaaa Las Vegas!


  1. Hey, I'm your newest follower, I found you on Etsy. I'm definitely going to enter to win one of your awesome necklaces!


  2. Your flowers are adorable. I've never seen anything like that. Good job. I'm Kelly from Kelly's Crafts on Etsy.

  3. These are just so gorgeous and perfect for an everyday college wear!
    And this has inspired me to make something for a friend.

  4. beautifulswagstore - thank you so much for stopping by and for the compliments! :)

    LauraLee - Thank you so much! I'm following you back - loved your nail polish post! I'm bummed though that I missed the giveaway :(

    Kellyscrafts - Thank you so much! They're my favourite pieces to make :) Well met! Thanks for stopping by!

    xoxymoronsx - Thank you so much! I like to dress them up and down too, haha... I'm glad to inspire! Thanks for commenting and saying hello!

  5. amazingly cute! thanks for sharing! These would make cute earrings and rings too! :)

  6. Can I ask what colour sculpey premo you used to make the turquoise flower? Thanks

    1. I believe it was just called Turquoise :)


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