Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Finally Feels Like it's Here!

I'm definitely a warm-weather girl, which is good, considering I'm moving to Atlanta come fall! My favourite parts of summer are sangria, sundresses, and fun jewelry.

In honour of summer, I have been designing a new "mini-line" of long fashion necklaces.

This "Seabird Charm Necklace" was inspired by flighty gulls, the marine coastline, and the deep blue hues of the ocean. I like to wear a lot of navy and nautical stripes in the summertime - I'm thinking this would be lovely with a dress and some fun wedges, yes? I miss the beach! The bird also symbolizes flight, adventure, and freedom, which are perfect themes for summer (and for me, as I'll soon be taking the next big step into grad school!)

Are you going anywhere exciting this summer?

Also, don't forget - you can win FREE JEWELRY from me if you enter the Giveaway over at CherishedBliss! The giveaway is only up until June 4th, and there are two pieces of jewelry to win! Check it out and Happy Summer!

And thank you guys so much for all of the support the past few weeks - it's meant a lot to me!


  1. Eh, I'm used to the cold...warm to me is like 60-70 degrees. lol! And I'm not going anywhere exciting for the summer, so you can just have an exciting time for me. ;)

    I totally forgot to comment on your last post, so congratulations on the magazine publication! That's so awesome! :D

  2. I am a summer person. This year the temperature skipped spring!

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. Shaluah - Hahaha, I'm not doing too much this summer either. Just prepping for the move... lol. And thank you!!!

    Christie - I'm a summer person too! I definitely agree. We got chilly, straight into blistering heat! Have a great day as well! :)


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