Friday, January 23, 2009

Boys are lame.

I'm becoming a nun.


  1. Please don't.

    But if you do, please continue to draw stuff and send it to me. Heck, maybe it'll be better for me if you do, as then you'll have more time to draw me stuff :) Basically, thanks for the letter that I just got the other day :)

    And in response to another post, I'm glad you have a Pooh mug.

  2. Chad,

    I probably won't become a nun...

    But I'll keep drawing you stuff! I'm so glad you got my card :) Sorry it was a little late. The woman told me it'd get there by Christmas, but I guess she was wrong. I'll keep sending them, though.

    And I am also glad I have a Pooh mug :) :)


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