Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009|Happy New Year <3

I spent New Years in NYC. <3 I had the time of my life - I love that dang city! This whole break has been packed full of fun, good people, and relaxation :) I couldn't have asked for a better break! I was home for a few days for Christmas, got wonderful and very thoughtful Christmas gifts, saw some good friends from BMore, and then headed up to my Dad's house up in Philly on one of the foggiest days I've ever seen. The trees looked hauntingly glorious through the mist, and it took all of my willpower not to pull off to the side of the road and snap a few shots - it was deliciously eerie. Mmm. Got to Dad's and was promptly greeted by a lot of family members, pigged out, and played an awesome game of Catch-Phrase. My family is so down to earth and full of great people :) I love just catching up with them. Karen (my stepmom), Sarah (my sister), Laura (my cousin), and Aunt Joan and I all drank coffee and ate dessert and swapped gross bug/creepy-crawlie/animal stories, of which Laura and Aunt Joan have a lot because they lived in Indonesia for almost my whole life. The next day we opened more presents and watched the Cowboys get crushed by the Eagles. On Monday I drove back and then climbed aboard the bus for the Big Apple. I spent 2 days with my Aunt Margaret, Mom, and sister Grace; we took Grace to Rockefeller Center, and Saks Fifth Avenue, and looked at all the Christmas windows around the city - Macy's, Lord and Taylor, Saks - went to the chaotic American Girl Doll Store and Sephora and a bunch of other places. It was graaaand. Then Aunt Margaret walked me to the West side where I met two of my favourites: DJ and BJ. Once we stepped inside their apartment, I was promptly greeted by BJ's roommates, who are a genuinely wonderful and amusing bunch. We all made fajitas and played "Would You Rather...?", which is a fun but eye-opening and gross game. Met up with a few other people, played Kings, and went out for wings. I met this pretty awesome Australian guy who lives in London and travels to all these different countries and stuff - Spain, Italy, Sicily, the States, etc. Man, I wish I had that freedom! I loooove to travel and see new places. The next day we basically hung out, got subs at Lenny's, went to this kickin thrift store where I got gray pointy heels for $7.50, and then Erick and I played Wii for the entire afternoon. Pretty soon, I was eating Chinese food and making 7-Layer-Dip (which I got smack for because it was only 5 layers, but it turns out that all the compliments for how good it was made up for it!) for the party. The party was way too much fun, and I had the time of my life. There were tons of people and I made so many new friends <3 We all played each other in Wii Boxing, and I could beat all the boys :) Pretty soon it was midnight and we trucked it to Columbus Circle to watch the fireworks, which lasted longer than Independence Day, I'm pretty sure. And whoa mama was it cold. I felt like my hands were about to fall off. Lucky for me, I got this fabulous coat the day before heading up to NYC, so I was relatively warm... We got back and had a dance party and I was given a Sharpie which of course, according to tradition amongst my friends, means I get to temp-tattoo everyone. :) It was quite the hit. Then we all hopped in the hot tub out on their patio, which was legendary. I met so many awesome people, and everyone made me feel so welcome. I felt like I had always been part of the group. Truly wonderful people. <3 Fell asleep in BJ's room, affectionately titled "The Black Hole" since it has no windows, and woke up at God knows what time. Got breakfast at Cafe 71 and then hit up Starbucks (love!) and Urban Outfitters. Now. I know what love feels like the instant it hits you: that is what happened when I walked into Urban Outfitters today. I'd never been in one... and it's good thing because I'd be broke from buying all of their clothes <3 Then I sadly had to say goodbye (whilst being serenaded by Erick singing "I Will Remember You...", lol) and journeyed through the subways to Penn Station, hopped on my bus, and zombie-out/listened to music 'til I got home. Lucky for me, my whole family picked me up and we went out for Chinese food and tea. Tomorrow, I will hopefully be seeing my old but dear friend Leah and having a photoshoot :) And I've got a mind to scavenge through all of my old clothes and redesign them. I love New York City because it is so inspiring. Everywhere you turn you see uniqueness, artfulness, and diversity. I am happiest when I am surrounded by beauty and the city offers little opportunity to be away from it. All in all, it was the perfect way to start a fresh, new year. I have so many resolutions, but like I said in my last post, I will strive to live to my fullest, challenge myself, and move ahead. I will strive to live in harmony and beauty and to love every day of my life.

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