Sunday, February 6, 2011

TrueLife: I Had an Affair...

...with tumblr. (and completed my hipster transformation, I think)

Yes, I admit it! I'm sorry, blogspot, will you ever forgive me?! I was easily seduced by the shiny templates, and the ease with which you could reblog posts... it really wasn't my fault!

And while I love all of those things about Tumblr... I don't get that it's the type of srs bsns place, and part of me is serious... most of the time. And I actually want to tell you guys stuff, not just reblog funny gifs (as hilarious as they are, and I really do enjoy them). I probably will keep my tumblr and post stupid stuff there sometimes, and I will probably reblog stuff from there onto here, but I really think I want to keep the main part of my blogging here. After all, it's been over 3 years (surprisingly - I just looked and was like "Whoa"). My last few relationships have ended suddenly and tragically, with guys bailing without warning. Dear blogspot, I cannot do that to you. I will not do that to you! Do not despair!

Here's a little of what was missed:

I am in the process of a huge spring update in my Etsy Shop; hooray for the rainbow!

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