Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let's Get the Ball Rolling!

 2011 is the year of my Pursuit of Radness. 

I'm really good at figuring out New Years Resolutions like, months into the new year (better late than never, right?); and one of my resolutions is to do more stuff with my blog. As the weather starts to warm and the 11 inches of snow we received start to melt, my mind inevitably switches into spring mode. I watch the weather every night, hoping my local weatherman will say that magical number: "50's". And this Sunday? He rewarded my patience with a firm prediction of "55 and sunny". Ahhhhh. Time to break out my sundresses and boots.

Spring is on my brain. And you can tell from my Etsy Shop, I am currently obsessed with bright rainbow-coloured florals. I've been reading lots of trend forecasts and fashion blogs, and have been sketching new pieces like a madwoman. Last year I created a small series of rings that I affectionately refer to as my "Funky Flower Collection". They sold so well that this spring I am introducing an addendum to that collection! I have done some searching, and feel I can confidently say that these are pretty darn original. I have not seen any other flower accessory like them on the web!

I've been a busy bee. But let's open the floodgates of my humble little blog! Over the next few months, I want to start featuring some talented lovely-people that deserve some more spotlight, do some product reviews that are relevant to my jewelry-making process (and will hopefully help you!), and do a pretty sweet giveaway sometime later in the spring.

I am hoping and crossing all my fingers that I am able to land an Artist Alley table at Otakon, Baltimore's summer convention, and that I can start gearing up for that and sharing some stuff with you guys as well. Hopefully vlogs to come (once my face clears up, it's that week - pimples, aggggh!), inspiration photos, reblogs, stupid stuff, sketches, works in progress, life updates, clever quotes, go little blog, go!

I am hoping to bring you the very first artist interview by the end of this week... stayed tuned ;)

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