Saturday, February 26, 2011

FEATURE: Lighting Masters

...and Friday has come and gone without our little Friday Feature. I had contacted several people, but it seems everyone had a busy week! That's okay! More interview-like features comin atcha this week!

SO. I figured we'd tackle a feature of a different kind: LIGHT.

If any of you are painters, you know that light can be an elusive, elusive beast. I wanted to feature some works from artists that I consider lighting masters; and whose works continue to educate and inspire me. Hopefully you guys will find them helpful, too!

First up, we have Nanya.
While I'm a big fan of fancy fantasy lighting as much as the next person, can I just say holy crap? This is a painted still life! Sometimes the best lighting is amazingly subtle. Someday I hope to be this epic:

Next up, we have MarcSimonetti
Not only is this guy totally amazing with architecture (aka, the bane of my existence), but his lighting is dramatic, deep, and super-detailed.

And who doesn't know and love Wakkawa
In my opinion, his gorgeous figures are always breaking the mold and pushing the envelope, and much of it is in part because of his great sense of lighting. Here is a great example of how he combines the figure and light in a stylized way: 

Then we have Kuroitora.
I always love his work because of the super-saturated and undeniable lightsources, and the drama and action that is captured in his works. I love to do commissioned characters in back-lighting, and Kuroitora is such a master of the epic backlit figure:

Finally, we have Tahra
One of my favourite things about Tahra's work is his use of texture in combination with lighting. Check out this amazing environmental piece: 

So have you guys soaked up enough awesome yet?! 
Go check out Nanya, MarcSimonetti, Wakkawa, Kuroitora, and Tahra and give them some love!


  1. HAH. Epic fail.

    Changed it! Thanks for catching my retard moment ;) ;)


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