Friday, September 24, 2010

Bring on the Ugly and Fabulous!

I always find that the best time I get ideas is like, at 2am derp derp

I'm really bad at going to bed "on time", whatever that is now that I'm freelancing! This just in: I will be in development stages for illustrating a new children's book. But that's all I'm allowed to say right now. Peep peep!

I'm currently in Philly right now without my trusty tablet, and (of course) I get a big dose of itchy-painter-fingers. I was doodling a bit before in my sketchbook, but I have a wonderful idea for a Halloween image (not that I need to add stuff to my To-Do List, it's incredibly long).

Let's just say that I am tired of painting pretty ladies. They are oh-so-fun to paint because they are all aesthetically-pleasing and gorgeous, but it gets old after awhile. With the advent of focusing on my grad school portfolio, I purposefully want to expand from my norm to put out some KICK BUTT stuff. I just found out about MICA's Illustration MFA program, which is apparently "in development for Fall 2011", which hopefully means applications/enrollment will begin this winter/early spring and the program will be fully funtional for next year. /crossing fingers!

I also ramble at 2am. Halloween image! Toss out those lovely ladies and get ready for some sad, lonely, ugly monsters. Oh yes. I am so excited! Bring on the uglies! I would post my sketchies, but this image will be for my DA watchers, and it will be a surprise :)

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