Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boutique - Time :) Now my jewelry is in a lovely boutique!

So yesterday I had my first meeting with a boutique here in MD,
{ Shamelessly Simple }
The night before, I had organized all of my rings and necklaces into their containers, printed up my inventory sheet, and packed my business cards. After living in LA for a year and working for two designers, it felt natural making my list and packing it up. I went with my bosses to countless boutiques in Los Angeles, so I was excited that I had a little experience under my belt - I am so thankful for it!

The morning-of, I loaded everything into my car and set off to meet up with the store's owner and buyer. Once I stepped inside, I fell in love. This was just my kind of place! Lots of home decor and boutique-y gifts filled colourful tables, and the walls were bright aqua! I was greeted by the owner quickly, and she was really nice. After unloading all of my pieces onto her counter, I began to talk about my inspirations and ideas behind them. I have been doing a lot of market research for the trends surrounding this Fall/Winter 2010 and watching a lot of runway previews, so talking about my colour choices and style came easily.

(I've learned that that's the best thing to do when you're meeting a buyer - be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your pieces and the story behind them - it will come across!)

Of course, I gave a lot of the technical information behind them too (like what sort of materials were used, how to care for them, etc). We talked for a little while, and I just loved that she was on track with my pieces, specifically the colours. In Baltimore, we are all about the Ravens (sorry non-Bmore-readers!), so it seemed that one of her main focuses for the store was purple/Ravens items. My purple and violet pieces were a great fit! We talked a little about packaging (which I agreed to provide - if you're speaking with a buyer, it is always good to ask if they'd like to provide the packaging, or to be prepared to offer it), and display in-store. I will be going back on Friday to drop off a few pieces she requested and to take some photos of the boutique and of my pieces on display.

All in all, she selected quite a few pieces from me for consignment (which is why my { Etsy } dropped a bunch of items!). I am hoping they do extremely well so that we can continue to build our business relationship by increasing inventory (perhaps for the holidays)! She was so generous and helpful - she even offered to put up a special sign for me above my work that instructed buyers on how to contact me for custom orders :) It was so nice of her! I am also being included in her newsletter for new arrivals!

I left the adorable store with the happiest heart, only to come home to the lovely surprise that I had broken over 900 watchers on my { deviantart } ! What a marvelous day! :)

* If you're looking for a unique gift for a loved one or friend, or just want something cool to spruce up your home, check out Shamelessly Simple Boutique on 10712 York Road, Cockeysville, MD 21030!


  1. This is awesome Erin.

    It makes my heart glad that you're being able to do something that you are obviously excited about.

  2. Chad! Thanks so much!!! :) Good to hear from you! How is everything?


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