Friday, February 6, 2009

Lovely Friday Night

Sushi. Photography. Secret Life of Bees.

This weekend is looking exceptional. Tonight was wonderful Erin reflection chill movie night, and tomorrow I will be getting up early to have diner breakfast, coffee, and cinnabuns, and then I will make art all day long. Afterward, I'll head over to hang out, make dinner for some excellent friends, and watch Star Wars. <3


  1. Nice pics! You should start posting more of your pictures online. I'd enjoy :)

    I want to be in on your making food :)

  2. Thanks! I usually post more on Facebook... it's the easiest process :)

    I wish you could be in on the food, too! Tonight I'm going to Josiah and Freddy's with Jake - it would be most excellent if you could be there. Soon, though! How is China?


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