Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey oh, here I am. And here we go, life's waiting to begin.

Today is a beautiful day. It is 12 degrees, I scraped ice off my car this morning and got stuck in traffic, but gosh darn, it is a good day to be alive. I get to spend the whole day interviewing students and chatting it up with them, and decorating for Spring Phonathon. The theme is SWEET, and I am SO excited to see all my students again! I undeniably miss them a ton, and it's so cool to concretely know that whatever I do in life, I want to work with people. I definitely still want to teach at some point, but hopefully whenever I go to grad school it will include a program that offers me the opportunity to teach undergrad classes. That would be amazing. I love people :) I don't know what changed, but I have had inexplicable joy in my heart for the past few days. I think I have been noticing the little things that make my days so great, like spending time joking around with my workstudies, my two cups of free coffee every morning at the office, Top Chef and Hot Tamales, hearing my favourite songs on my commute, and my love for art. Last night I started the 6th Sword of Truth Goodkind book. <3 LOVE.

[I got lazy.]
I am addicted to ProjectPlaylist.
"The Walk" by Imogen Heap is one of my favs.
I feel like my hard work is paying off, and everyone seems extremely pleased with my work.
I love art. I love photography.
I can't wait to have another photoshoot.
I love coffee.
Angels and Airwaves kick.
All glory to the Lord Almighty in the Highest.

"A place so gloriously wired with lights and sounds
Oh God, this is such a mess.
And it's like our world,
but we're the last ones left.
And the hair, it stands on the back of our necks.
And I swear it shows,
Heaven must be just like this."

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