Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Time I Almost Drank my Watercolours

A sneak peek of some classwork for the Baba Yaga Project I've posted thumbs for. For this, I just blew up and printed out my original thumb, and watercoloured right over it. While it's great to work so quickly and conveniently, the surface of the print-out is really not ideal for watercolour.

The final will be transferred to Bristol Board, so the surface will be better suited for my materials ;)

And I really need to stop having coffee while I work (haha, yea right). Second time this week I almost picked up my rinse-cup and took a sip!

And I'm having a fabulous hair day. And I bought this incredible sweater at Target for like, $14, that's reminiscent of the 80's and I look like I stepped out of a dance workout video. 
I feel rad today.


  1. Drinking your rinse water would sure be a surprise :)

    Baba Yaga is looking awesomely scary - great work!

  2. Hm...looks like the pink lemonade crystal light to me. Yum ;D

  3. Hellooo, I just found you on etsy blog team! I love your artwork, it's beautiful. I'm following now :)

  4. There has been times where I've almost drank from the rinse cup too!
    Here's to hoping we both never do.

  5. I swear if my rinse cup had a handle and was taller, I would have put that into my mouth too! :D
    Love your blog!

  6. Asterope - Haha, a very unpleasant surprise lol! And thanks - I love how nightmarish she looks :)

    Hannah - Hahaha yes it does! Deceptive ;)

    Amy - thanks for stopping by! And thanks so much for the support and the compliments!

    Stela - Hahahah, here's to hoping! I think every artist comes face to face with the rinse cup every so often ;)

    MPC - Lol, yea, at least my coffee cup is shaped different! Thanks for the support!

  7. I just came across your blog today and I'm in love with your work, would you mind sharing what kind of watercolor set that is? Even on the flimsy paper it looks like you're getting good coverage.

    And I use milk jugs cut in half for my rinsing needs, prevents any accidental almost-sips, plus the handle is a built in bonus :)

  8. Kenzie - Awww, thank you so much! It's a really cheap watercolour set, I think the Artists Studio one from Michaels, haha. I have a real set with the tubes of pigment, but I prefer this one for colour tests and things. The paper here is so flimsy because it was just a scaled-up thumb printed from the computer for me to do a colour test for my prof, but for finished work, I use Strathmore Illustration Board.


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