Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Conceptual Sketches and a Vlog

Since I'm posting a vlog, I'm not going to write much tonight... I just wanted to share some more sketches from my Illustration Concepts Class here at SCAD (because it's awesome). And since I'm still getting over this cold-thing-that-has-taken-my-little-body-hostage, I need to get my bones to bed.

Here, art! 
(sorry for the lousy quality - it was overcast in Atlanta today - no good for picture-taking)

I promise I will take better pictures. I almost feel bad posting them at this quality... yikes.

Anyways, if you'd care to see me ramble in a (recurring theme alert) very poorly lit apartment, please do sit back and enjoy. I do talk a little bit about the process of thumbnailing, and why I feel it's pretty important to the creative process. I also show you my cat and my messy apartment.


  1. I love your art blog! I am working on starting one too :)

    -Jesse from blogging buddies

  2. Awesome illustrations! Good luck in your classes :)


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