Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Big Change for the Upcoming Spring...

Just a typical Saturday night... I watched the Pats face off against the Broncos, had a lovely Corona (my favourite), and busted out some brand new........
b r i d a l  j e w e l r y ! 
Yes, that's right. I've decided to move my shop over to more bridal wear. Why? Because the brides I've worked with so far have been the most darling people, and I want to do it all the time! That's a good enough reason, right? Right.

Here's a cute little look at my Saturday night worktable: 

I also spent quite a bit of time getting all design-y and busted out a brand new Facebook Landing Page! Would you please, lovely bird reading this, check out the page and let me know what you think?

Once I reach 100 fans, I'm going to give out a special code for 10% off anything in my shop :)

Tomorrow I am quite excited to watch the Ravens game (my die-hard home team) - I should probably put my Flacco jersey on now and sleep in it! Then it'll be off spend some good quality studio time on my illustration project, and some good quality library time on my art history criticism paper (oh joy).

Thank you for reading, doves <3


  1. Beautiful piece shown in the photos!


    Blogging Buddies

  2. bridal jewelry oh god you made my day. i am getting married this september :) will definetly keep an eye on your upcoming range :)

    have a lovely sunday.

  3. Good luck! Your work in progress looks wonderful already!
    found you via EBT :)

  4. Oooh, yay! Bridal jewelry is the way to go! Etsy brides are the best.

  5. Lovely! Wishing you much success with your new bridal jewelry!

  6. Good luck with your bridal jewelry! The people I know who sell bridal/wedding products on Etsy have done well for the most part.

    Enjoy your game today!

  7. Christie - thank you so much! I think I will be focusing on pieces like those :)

    Betty - Awww, congrats on your engagement - how exciting! Please do keep an eye ;) I also will be taking custom orders, if you have something special in mind!

    Duni - Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)

    Paige - Hey girl! Yea, the brides I've worked with so far were just dolls. I loved it :) :)

    Trina - Thank you very much! :)

    Rose - Thank you! I do hope people find it special and unique :)


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