Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have a couple of New Years Resolutions this year. Especially after moving into a new apartment, in a new city, and beginning my Masters degree, I feel that changing/tweaking some things about my lifestyle is only fitting to begin the New Year on the best foot.

To be honest, 2011 had its ups, but I was not very happy about the place I was in, and I have been ready for a positive change. Here's to 2012 ~!

On a different note, I want to show some pictures of my new apartment soon! I still am furniture-less, but hopefully over the weekend I will hear something. Then I can decorate and show you guys my cute little apartment. I've gotten a lot of decorating ideas off of Pinterest (of course)!

I also took some time to redesign a bit of my Facebook Page ~

I would be so appreciative if you'd like to go and check it out :) And maybe suggest me to a friend? I'm trying to kick business up a notch this spring to help cover my expenses for grad school.

A few nights ago I spent some time on new bracelets for the Spring, and I am excited to show my new palette, as I will be releasing more consistent brand identity. Exciting! (or just nerdy)

Happy New Year, lovely birds ~


  1. Great goals! I love 'eat more yogurt'. I eat a cup each day! Mmmm.

    Best of luck with your business. Your Facebook page looks great!

  2. These are wonderful goals! I have been eating more yogurt with fresh fruit for my breakfast. I was surprised to find how much I actually liked it.

    And gorgeous blog BTW.

    Artful Rising

  3. Best wishes on completing all your New Year's resolutions!

    I love yogurt, even though they are the dessert named yogurts, they are still yogurt! LOL

    Have a wonderful day!

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies

  4. I haven't even begun my new years resolutions - might have to skip them this year.

    Good luck in Grad school and with all your plans!

  5. Buttonhead - thanks! I've recently gotten into Chobani, which I love! I throw some granola and bana slices in there occasionally - delicious ;) And thanks for the compliments on my FB page! I'm hoping to make a full-on landing page soon!

    Erika - Agreed! I lived in Italy for awhile, and they always had something bread-y with their breakfast, so I feel like I need that, but I also have been trying to eat more "raw" foods like fruit and veggies :) And thanks for the kind words about my blog!

    Christie - Thank you very much! And heck yea! It still counts as yogurt!! You go girl!

  6. Leigh - Some of mine I haven't started yet either (like not biting my nails, ugh). I guess I feel like everyday is a new day to make a better change, even if it's later than Jan 1st! We can do it :)

  7. Great goals! I like your "wash my face each night even when too tired" lol, I'm so guilty of that laziness too!


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