Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursdays are for making friends.

Today I was greeted by an unusual guest.

I had been hearing little noises all over the kitchen and living room the other day, and after a lot of searching, I just convinced myself I was going off the deep end. My life has been very strange lately, so this conclusion didn't really surprise me. But today, I sat down at my computer with my coffee to start working; I heard tiny feet scurrying. I looked down, and there was Mr. Mole, looking right up at me.

I have often noticed that I have a special relationship with animals.

They like me, and I like them. I was just telling my friend how I believe have two superpowers: 1) I can be hilariously awkward, and 2) I can befriend animals with the skill of a Disney Princess. So Mr. Mole and I have been getting acquainted as I've worked today. I get up to refill my coffee mug, he scurries under the stove. I sit back down, he comes out and looks at me and does laps around the kitchen. He is currently sitting right next to my boot, happy as a clam. I think I may name him Ned.

During the day, I usually have my ferocious dog Rufus to keep me company. He protects me from invaders, reminds me when it's time to exercise, and does the occasional filing and faxing. Today he was being a lazy bum, until he heard Ned running around the kitchen and decided to investigate.

My ferocious dog really is very intimidating. Long story short, ferocious dog is now sitting up on a chair, being very brave and whining as Ned the mole runs all around the kitchen.

Do you have silly animals that keep you company if you work from home?


  1. How sweet! I wonder if you could get a picture of him...
    I have three bunnies that keep me company at home, though sometimes they get cheeky when I hang out with them and they nibble my clothes or dig at my feet. But it's really sweet to watch them cuddle ^_^

  2. Daphne - I've tried getting a picture of him, but he moves so fast that my camera just picks up a dark blur :(

    And bunnies! How adorable! What are their names?


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