Saturday, November 19, 2011

Artist/Shop Feature: Kari Herer, Botanical Photographer

I stumbled across a photographer awhile ago, and have been wanting to share her work with you!

Kari Herer does absolutely gorgeous floral photography and prints - I found her work while browsing my favourites in Etsy, and I have fallen in love with { her shop } ! I think what I love most about her work is that she captures so much rich detail in the flowers themselves, and creates so many varying moods. As an illustrator myself, of course I'm obsessed with the merge of photos and her delicate linedrawings! I've been wanting to get a few prints for my walls, perhaps a Christmas gift to myself? These prints would make great gifts for Mom or Grandma, or would be a great accent for a new home or redecorated room!

1. Botanical Drawing No. 6012 // 2. Botanical No. 5793 // 3. Botanical No. 5811 // 4. Rabbit No. 0048

{ all images copyrighted to Kari Herer, please credit original source }

Please do go check out her work on Etsy, as well as check her out around the web! Spread independent artist love!

Thanks for reading, lovely birds! 
I'll be buckling down on my portfolio, especially since I got hit with inspiration like no other last night. I've got a few works I'm almost ready to show - exciting! And I am being contracted for some graphic design work over the next 3 weeks, so I'll be a busy girl!


  1. I know, so unique! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Carla :)


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