Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Perfect Cup of Coffee & WIP Wednesday

Honestly one of the biggest motivators to get out of bed in the morning is my coffeemaker.

It's still gloomy today, so it's a great day for hot coffee and painting. I was a barista for 4 years, so I know how to make a bangin cup of coffee.

Secret for perfect strength? 

Add your water. I usually do 4 cups. For every 2 cups, put in 1 heaping tablespoon of coffee grounds. Then, add 1 extra tablespoon just for good measure. So for my 4 cups of coffee, I put in 2 scoops + the scoop for good measure. Perfect coffee everytime. Sometimes I even sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg in my grounds before brewing. Oooo, exciting!

So I'm gonna start doing this thing to keep myself accountable: 
WIP Wednesdays. (A WIP means "Work In Progress") 
So every Wednesday, I've gotta post up progress on a new work, or significant progress on a work I've already showed. Today I'm gonna cheat a little (figures), and show a piece that WAS a WIP as of last night, but is now finished! Hot dog! All I've gotta do is take the tape off, and frame it. And then take a proper photo. I apologize for the cell phone picture :(

This piece is a self-portrait, is going into my Grad School Portfolio, and was inspired by the song "Star Mile" by Joshua Radin.

Also, I just got my copy of Corel Painter 12... and holy cow. I am so in love. Like, the kind of love I would like to share with a man, where I think they're perfect and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them what-so-ever... I feel this way for a computer program. Allow me a moment just to out-art-nerd myself (I'm weird, I know...)

{ top photo via // bottom photo via erin mcmanness 2011 }


  1. Love your self-portrait piece...what medium(s) did you use? It is very interesting!

  2. Longtime reader, first time commenter.
    Yep. Coffee is one of the top 3 reasons I can get out of bed every morning.

  3. Coffee is my reason for getting out of bed, so thanks for the tips! And gorgeous work on the self portrait!

    melissa (from blogging buddies)

  4. Shayla - Thanks so much! I used watercolour, graphite, india ink, and gold leaf! I will be posting the finished piece soon!

    Moira - Awesome! Thanks so much for reading, and now commenting! :) I literally wake up, and the first thing I think is "Coffee... mmmm!" Lol

    Melissa - You're very welcome! A lot of my friends ask me to make the pot when I come over, and I was always the designated coffee-maker with my college roommates ;) Thanks for the compliments! The finished piece is coming out soon!


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