Monday, November 7, 2011

More Winterbirds & a Sneak Peek...

Happy Monday, lovely birds ~ I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent mine up in Philly, visiting my family, watching lots of football (Go Ravens!!!), and helping my dear old dad take some photos for his online business :)

This week will start my complete and total plunge into putting the finishing touches on my new portfolio for graduate school. Submitting this new portfolio will hopefully help me to receive some more scholarship aid and lessen the cost of school. Good thoughts for a diligent heart and mind over the next 3 weeks would be appreciated! My self-set deadline is Thanksgiving, and especially with daylight savings, it's creeping up on me faster than I would care to admit!

For now, the last of the Winterbird Collection is already up in my shop!
 I would love if you'd like to go check them out! They make great accessories for your wintery outfits, and even better gifts for stylish loved ones :)

1 // the Nahimana, meaning "Mystic"   2 // the Meda, meaning "Prophetess"   3 // the Chilaili, meaning "Snowbird"

Thanks for taking a look! And after I finish with my portfolio...

{ all images (c) erin mcmanness / mirilovelove 2011 }


  1. Lula - no, unfortunately they are made out of clay! But they look good enough to eat ;)

  2. Feathers!! Ah I love them, they are so cute! I think we love the same things :)

    Are you making chocolates next? They look so real!

  3. Sabrina - We must love the same things. One of your black feather necklaces is on my Christmas Wishlist :) :) I am making little chocolate/sweet rings next. I've also got some cookie rings in the works :)

  4. Sweets look like real, great work, beautiful blog.


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