Monday, August 22, 2011

Sometimes the best things you can find...

...are completely forgotten old photographs.

My mom was cleaning out her bedroom the other day and stumbled upon loads of forgotten photos, ranging from when I was pretty small, up to about a year ago (now I'm 25). I'm usually always wrapped up in some project or another, but it was nice to just pour my coffee and sit at my mom's kitchen table and laugh through a few stacks at how awkward I was (and wonder why no one told me how ridiculous I looked!)

So without further ado, I give you a small but nostalgic selection, complete with editorial...

Found any good photos lately? 
Sometimes the best thing we can do is laugh at ourselves ;)

{ Fonts Avain and Postage Stamps from }


  1. I need to bring some of mine when I go back to Argentina!

  2. Love the photos!!!

    AND the red shoes too!


  3. Lula - Are you from Argentina? That's awesome :)

    Christie - Hey girl! Thanks for the compliments! I have a pair of red wedges now that I loooooove ;)

    Hee103 - Thank you!!!


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