Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Exciting things & creativity

Today has been a lovely, productive day. Good, exciting things are coming! But I can't talk about them yet. Which, if you know me, makes for incredible discipline. Dohhhhh.

{ From my sketchbook }

What I CAN talk about is that I am currently putting together a lovely Autumn2011 Trend Report (and perhaps a moodboard) for inspiration for my upcoming Fall Line of jewelry, grabbed from the runways of NYFW. Ralph Lauren's FW2011 collection had me gasping, it's gorgeous. Keep your eyes peeled in the next few days ;)

In the meantime, one of my blogging friends, jdavissquared, linked up this pretty rad video:

29 Ways to Stay Creative

My sketchbook is usually glued to my hip (and I write down weird random phrases and quotes and stuff in it - people who look at it probably have pretty big WTF moments, especially when I include commentary on what I've drawn; such as, "What is this - I don't even!" It's good to be honest with yourself. Right? Right.)

Luckily I have a few good friends who are musicians and have introduced me to a whole summer full of new music. Some of my favourite stuff being Hall & Oates, and Pink Floyd (yes, I was an incredible loser and didn't listen to them before this summer), as well as some amazing La Roux dubstep.

I also drink lots of coffee. So much, in fact, that "Coffee Drinker Extraordinaire" even made it into my Intro Sidebar ;)

How do you stay creative?
(Happy Hump Day, friends - let's finish this week with a bang!)


  1. Looked at the Ralph Lauren collection. I'm not into the brown. I think I would like it if it was all green. :D Green can be Fall-y.

  2. Small ammendment. I do love this! But I'm into everything little, black and sparkly. The long chiffon dresses with the high neck leave me scratching my head in wonder.

  3. Holley - I'm a fan of neutrals (though I've been trying to fill my wardrobe with a bit more variety), so the brown and floral pairings got me ;) I do love that dress you linked, though! It reminds me of flappers!

  4. If we could bring back curvy bodies and 40s style... I will be in HEAVEN. Right now, I'm building my "work wardrobe" for the temp job I'm starting in September. So far I've noticed a few trends in my purchases: grey blazers (I now have three in different fabrics/textures), cap sleeve sweaters, black bottoms (including a great Calvin Klein skirt that has a lace exterior), and a lot of tank tops in neutral tones. Maybe, I should make a post about this. There you go inspiring me again.


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