Monday, May 18, 2009

E per la vita che non c'e ~ | No, e la mia vita bella

I really need to get myself back to my normal sleep schedule. I have been zoning all day... the work day took forever.

Exciting things happening recently...

I got a callback for The Wiz, which is tomorrow at 5:30pm. I hope I do well enough to snag a part :) That'd be sweet. My throat has been feeling a little scratchy lately, so I do hope that'll go away until after the audition. I can't believe I almost forgot how much joy I find in singing, and I am so happy to be able to do it again - part or chorus. Singing in the car isn't nearly as satisfying as being onstage. It feels very much like coming home. :)

On another arts-related note, there is a definite possibility that I will be selling my sweet shoes on one of my favourite fashion websites. The details are not currently finalized, which means I can't post any more information, but I'll post more when I have more answers.

Over the weekend, I designed another pair of shoes. I'd like to call them "Nouveau Swimpond". I am absolutely in love with them - but alas, I am a size 8, and they are a size 6 & 1/2. I keep telling my feet that love knows no boundaries (like foot-size), but they refuse to fit in there. Hurr :( Tonight I will be hoping to paint my new bright fire-engine red shoes. Pow! If I have enough energy...

I finished the "Night of Worship" Graphic for Daybreak Church, which will "air" on May 31st. Must say that I wasn't entirely pleased with the outcome, but I guess not everything you do can be a masterpiece. Now onward to designing their Women's Study Graphic. I really enjoy working with Susie and their team; great experience! :) Though my poor poor camera is sitting gathering dust... I really need to charge the battery and shoot some stuff, even if just messing around. Good news is that when I go to LA, I will be having a vibrant and quirky photoshoot with Roo. :) Hope to get some good shots there - about a month away! And before that, DisneyWorld! (Though I doubt I'll bring my nice camera down there - yikes!)

[ oh my God, SHOES ]

These coming nights will be filled with painting, singing, Josh Groban, Last Samurai, Painted Veil, Gumbo, and chocolate cake. Mmm. Yes please.

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