Friday, May 29, 2009

Broadcast Yourself

[ It's funny how a man only thinks about the (beep)
You got a real big heart, but I'm lookin atcha (beep)
They only want, only want my (ah ha ha, ah ha ha) ]

So! Big news, friends. My shoes are going to FRANCE. Yes, France! Get excited - I am! I just got a whole new bunch of shoes in the other day. I found this incredible SalVal. It was awesome :) I am currently multitasking on about 4 different pairs of shoes right now so hopefully they will be finished/purchased soon. Although technically 2 of those 4 are already sold. Yay! Pictures soon, because I have some wedges that are just darling! Speaking of pictures, here's a new one, which has quickly become an absolute favourite of mine. Please enjoy it ~ click for a larger view. You might've already seen it on my Facebook.

More exciting news! My website hit 16,000 views this week, which was awesome sauce for me! Onward to 20,000 by 2010! I am currently setting up an shop to sell my lovely shoesies (and hopefully bags and jewelry once I get those up and running!), AND I have entered the above design into's design contest. I would LOVE if you'd vote for me... and I don't think you have to have an account to do it... but go ahead and try it! Just click "LOTS" on the "Love-O-Meter"

___________// [ Please vote for me here!!! ]

There's a special Facebook ad thing, but it never works :( I suppose I will have to be all low-tech and write one of those old-fashioned note things and tag people. I'd much rather upload a spiffy, clickable image, though!

AND, last but most excitingly (and the reason for the title of this blog), I have started my own vlog. Vlog = video blog. Yes, I know. This could be really good... or really bad. :D Basically, a bunch of my watchers on devART were like "ZOMG Tell us about your life!!!", so I said okay... lol. I am also very inspired by Acrylicana's vlog, which is hilarious, but I think I go into that on the actual intro vlog. So that's exciting. Hopefully I will get that up and running on Youtube with my own page tomorrow/Sunday. Hopefully I will be getting a webcam this weekend (I love that today was paydayyyyy).

___________// [ Here is my happy little neck-of-the-youtube-woods ]
Don't get too excited, it's only one silly little video.

EDIT: Oh what!? I'm adding more?! Oh what the hey.

Here's an update of the last WIP (Work in Progress), I showed you.
[ Silly silly screencap ]

Bye loves! <3

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