Thursday, September 27, 2012

Interview Footage From My Recent Show in ATL

Sweet little number from my RAW show,  an interview where I talk a bit about my art. Forgive my usual silly awkwardness :)
Thought this would be fun to share! Next up on the blog, some process shots from my first scratchboard illustration, based on the dark fairytale of the 12 Dancing Princesses.

But first, my weekend is starting with a 24-hour drawing competition over at SCAD - all of us crazy art kids will be chillin in our studio, eating together, watching movies, scribbling madly, watercolours everywhere, paint all over the place, probably doing something ridiculous, making art for a great cause: the Humane Society's Annual Pet Parade! I'll be sure to share whatever crazy thing I come up with :)


  1. Fabulous interview, Erin! So nice to see and hear your voice:)
    Walking through museums I have often wondered about the painters psyche...

  2. I love hearing bloggers' voices! That was a great interview! It's so interesting to hear about the "painter's psyche" too.

  3. great interview! kinda missed your voice since its been ages from your last vlog.
    hope you will get nice job in studio, definatly deserve it.
    and you inspire me so much to work harder every day on my art :)
    take care~


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