Tuesday, August 28, 2012


True to form, I couldn't sleep with an idea in my head. So I jumped out of bed at 2:30am and did a speedpainting, listening to this on repeat, as loud as my headphones would go.

One of the most frustrating, heartbreaking things in life is watching someone we love dearly go through something we are powerless to change or fix.

On Loneliness. On Rage.
Art © Erin McManness 2012 // Speedpainting - 45 mins.
Larger Version: [ Here ]

This weekend I finally saw the Dark Knight Rises. Besides falling completely in love with the soundtrack, the theme of the movie hit home for me for so many reasons. (I know this is where you're all wondering if I will reveal my spandex-and-armour-wearing alter ego, but sadly no)

The theme of the movie was overcoming obstacles, being beaten down and rising stronger. I generally don't get sentimental about movies, and in truth I will tear up at action movies with a great soundtrack quite a bit more than any sappy chick-flick. Batman had me pretending not to well-up in front of my movie-going friend on multiple occasions. I know it seems silly to get all emotional about a superhero movie, but it was inspiring to me for so many reasons. As Bruce Wayne scaled the walls of the pit, and all the prisoners below chanted, "Deshi Basara" (which means "Rise")... it's that moment when somewhere inside your chest you feel visceral recognition, empathy, and a sense of determination, like when a firework explodes and you feel the deep thud in every bone of your ribcage.

Sometimes loneliness can make you forget that we are all connected, that we have all felt the same happiness and the same pain. This painting was my attempt to explain myself where I knew words would fail me.

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  1. I'm one of those people who tears up at unexpected things, too. It's even happened a couple of times for commercials, which is super embarrassing if somebody else is watching TV with me.

    Your projects are always so interesting!


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